Rational Data International, Inc. (RDI) is a social entrepreneurial organization and the flagship of the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM). It serves as the umbrella organization for all the other organizations in the industry model. The RDIM consists of over 30 social entrepreneurial and non-profit organizations.

Products and Services

The RDIM produces a full architectural stack that includes: hardware (desktops, laptops, phones, robotics), machine based operating systems (like Windows or iOS), web based operating systems (more than cloud computing- it's a full platform), a new full motion, virtual reality based, 3D layer in cyberspace, a new virtual democratic governance model and more.  Our eco-system presents a whole new paradigm in platform based economics, a new digital economy and along with this a new set of layers in cyberspace that support the internet of things (IOT). We are the leader in 4th industrial revolution infrastructure and technologies.

Putting the Pieces Together ...

All of these pieces make up elements in RDIM's solution models which are designed to solve inter-planetary, planetary and local issues as well as empowering people to solve problems from the individual level to the planetary level and beyond. The solution models work from a broad based universal perspective as a way to improve humanities future.

RDI's Specific Role ...

RDI is charged with the development of its solution models and management systems and oversight of the RDIM. An example of these are the Universal Solution Model (USM), Global Solution Model (GSM) and a Planetary Management System (PMS) as well as others.

The RDIM as a whole provides services, hardware and software mentioned in the above paragraphs  for the end user and for organizations wishing to develop, build or integrate solution models on the group, organizational, governmental and planetary levels. It offers a full architectural stack that is designed to support its overall mission by delivering built-in tools for self-refinement and transformation.

Management Function

RDI is charged with the management of the RDIM as a set of holistic and synergistic social entrepreneurial and non-profit organizations. The RDIM supports the ongoing delivery, maintenance and buildout of the physical technologies that support its solution models and management systems. This includes the new third generation web, which provides the foundation for a new global infrastructure and management system for the planet Earth.

Built to provide pathways to achieve its mission

These new solution models and management systems provide concrete actionable pathways for the RDIM to achieve its overall mission of planetary sustainability, peace, possibility, plenitude, and the realization of happiness and love (as a state of being) for all people of the Earth and beyond. Another of RDIM's objectives is to ensure existential rights for the individual, the human species and other species, across the spectrum of sentient and non-sentient life. Learn more about this full architectural blueprint at our BlueBook Series beta site.

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